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 Course Brief

The Philosophy Field Course offers a unique opportunity for students to engage in dialogue with environmental stakeholders in Clayoquot Sound, British Columbia. One of the last remaining old growth forests in Canada, home to five First Nations, and a site of both industrial activity and environmental activism, this region is living laboratory for environmental policy issues. We meet with representatives from various stakeholder groups to understand their relationships to the region and reasons for valuing it. By engaging in dialogue about such issues as the nature of sustainability, social justice, and economic prosperity, students will discover ways in which their education has practical application.  


The 2020 Philosophy Field Course will take place during the summer semester of 2020. Students spend approximately 10 days in Clayoquot Sound, from May 5-16th.  Individual research projects will be written over the course of the summer but there are not additional scheduled class meetings. If you are interested, please submit this application form by email before January 27th, 2020.  Students will be selected according to their interests, eligibility,

Deadline For Registration
February 10, 2020


Field Course
May 5- 16 2020
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