"This was the best course I have ever taken in my four years at university here. It was the
first course that really showed me what my program, Environmental Governance and
Philosophy means in the real world. I would take this course again and again if I could
and hope many other students have the opportunity to take part on it."

"I just wanted to note that this course was by far the most integral I have taken in my
entire university career. That being said, this course allowed me to see how philosophy
functions and effects real life situations, something in academic settings we are not
predisposed to. This experience has greatly affected my outlook on things, and helped me
understand how things work as opposed to just readings few lines about them in a

"I have already recommended this course to several peers who I think would be interested
in the subject matter. This was one of the more formative courses in my university
experience. I think it's really important because it provided the student with a taste of
what it would actually be like to create an individual research project and conduct the
research. Because of its interdisciplinary nature (involving students from many different
backgrounds, and speaking with people from different background in the research
process) I feel I experience different insights than I would had the class not involved
people from different disciplines. I think that this was the most interesting and
enlightening feature of the course. Overall it was wonderful and I wish there were many
more courses like it." 

"This was definitely the most engaging course I have taken. Field courses work surprisingly well for philosophy - we had the opportunity to engage with very relevant and meaningful contemporary problems in environmentalism and sustainability. I believe this kind of course develops practical skills that are integral to philosophy education, such as critical thinking about complex and concrete problems or evaluating the arguments and perspectives of different interest groups." 

"This field course provided a chance to apply everything that I've been studying over the past four years at university. This is the first course I have taken where I felt that my studies meant something in the sense that work was largely influenced by experience and not just a summary of others' opinions. The field course component was incredible. I felt that I learned far more than I had hoped to prior to arriving in Tofino...."

Philosophy Department

University of Guelph

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